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New info (Jan 30, 2015) about the
Proposed Roundabout
at Rio Grande and Candelaria NW


Councilor Benton has requested that the City proceed with design of a Complete Street test project on Rio Grande Boulevard north of Candelaria.

The project consists of a lane reduction restriping of Rio Grande to a three-lane configuration (one lane in each direction with a center turn lane) from Candelaria to Griegos, where it already becomes a 2-lane facility. Data will be collected before and after the restriping in order to help gage its effectiveness. In addition to the traffic calming benefits of a 3-lane configuration, one lane in each direction entering and leaving three sides of the roundabout will additionally simplify the functions of the intersection. Continue reading . . .

About Roundabouts
Click to download these pdfs:

   1. A Corrected Evaluation of
   a Roundabout versus
   Protected/ Permissive Signal Control
   at Rio Grande and Candelaria NW

   2. The July 2013 Engineering Study Update

More About Roundabouts

YouTube - All About a Roundabout
City of Abq - The Modern Roundabout

Where is the Alvarado Gardens Area?

Our neighborhood is nestled in the near North Valley along the Rio Grande river in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA. The approximate boundaries are Campbell Road to the south, Rio Grande Boulevard to the east, the river to the west and Veranda Road to the north.  Our community includes the Rio Grande Nature Center, All Faiths Organization, beautiful bosque trails, trails along the ditches and more!

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